Gradual Entry

Cornerstone’s gradual entry program is designed to gently accustom children to regular attendance to their program. 

Parents are encouraged to visit the Center with their child several times prior to starting to allow the child and parent time to become familiar with new friends, the environment, staff and establish a comfort level of trust. Gradual entry allows the parent to see our Center in action, ask questions and establish their security codes.  

Parents are encouraged to take a passive role in the classroom and direct their efforts toward stepping back allowing staff to bond with their child.   Ultimately, the parent will say good bye and assure their child they will return to pick him/her up and establish that trust by doing so shortly after.

The number and length of gradual entry visits is determined jointly by the child’s primary caregiver and parents. 

Cornerstone also employs the gradual entry method as the child progresses from one program to the next. As ratio and space permit, the child is welcomed into the group by staff and peers and joins in the fun! Parent involvement is not required with this transition since the child and staff are familiar with each other.