Cornerstone's food service program is intended meet the needs of the working parent while providing proper nutrition and a learning opportunity for the children.

Our purpose is to:

  • introduce young children to a variety of tastes, smells and textures in food

  • introduce and reinforce the use of proper table manners

  • provide an eating environment that facilitates family-style conversation

  • reinforce life skills such as using a cup and utensils, pouring, serving and cleaning up

  • promote a learning environment (ie: My Healthy Plate, food origin)

  • limit the children's intake of refined sugar, food additives and colors and sodium

Snacks and lunch are staggered to reflect a 2½ to 3 hours span between meals. If your child did not eat a full breakfast, don’t worry. A nutritious snack is served around 9 a.m., lunch between 11:30 and 12:30 and snack again close to 3 p.m. Children having fun at the Center at 6 p.m. can be offered a light snack to tide them over until dinner time.

Our lunch and snack menus are reviewed by our dietician consultant.

Lunches consist of 4 food groups and 2 food groups are represented in our snacks. Milk is served with lunch; milk or water served with snacks. On rare occasion 100% juice may be served with snack. Menus are distributed monthly and posted in the foyer. Requests for substitutions are honored for religious or medical reasons only.

Cornerstone prepares all meals on site in our commercial kitchen. Staff preparing food either hold ServeSafe Certification or are trained by a ServeSafe Food Protection Manager in safe food handling practices and procedures.

We strive to be a peanut/nut free center. Please cooperate to make Cornerstone peanut/nut free.