The purpose of Cornerstone is to provide quality child day care benefiting the child, the parent, the staff and the community.

Cornerstone provides opportunities for children!

  • to develop a valid sense of self. They are encouraged to try, think, act with increasing independence and be successful
  • to build physical strength, coordination and motor skills
  • to develop sound eating, resting and toileting habits
  • to establish a foundation for good health, hygiene and safety habits
  • to learn to respond to people comfortably and happily
  • to learn to express emotions constructively
  • to imagine and to express ideas and feelings creatively through music, movement, dramatic play, art and language
  • to understand and appreciate diverse natural, cultural and social environments
  • to explore concepts and develop intellectual curiosity
  • to persevere in the face of difficulty, concentrate and become absorbed.

Cornerstone provides opportunities for parents!

  • to secure quality care for their child while they pursue careers or other interests
  • to meet other parents and teachers concerned with the interests and needs of infants and young children
  • to enhance their understanding and appreciation of their child’s developmental milestones
  • to gain knowledge about child rearing practices.

Cornerstone provides opportunities for staff!

  • to work with children in a caring developmentally appropriate setting
  • to continue their professional development
  • to enjoy the camaraderie of other early childhood educators
  • to advance professionally
  • to earn a competitive wage.

Cornerstone provides opportunities for communities!

  • to help meet the need for quality early childhood education facilities
  • to provide employment opportunities
  • to contribute to the wholesome growth and development of its children
  • to provide teachers and students in training observation time to further their education.